For the longest time I have been saving up for a 3D printer, after intense research and comparing I finally settled with the Ultimaker 2. Mostly due to it’s build platform size, strong user base and the company is located in the same country as I am. (The Netherlands)

The project to realize with this printer is a StarCraft Adjutant. To give a little background on this, I’m a big fan of StarCraft and played it a lot, even though not so much currently. The Adjutant is the sort of mainframe computer for the Terran and will bother you when units or buildings as done as well as indicate the base is under attack.

Problems I’m faced with are the following.
– No 3D printing experience
– No major 3D modeling experience
– No robotics experience (servo’s and programming)

To solve some major modeling parts I’m mostly building the exterior on top of the InMoov interior. Created by Gael Langevin InMoov is a life sized open source 3D printed robot project that started with a prosthetic arm. Only Gael went a little overboard and just figured he make the whole thing.

For all the latest developments on InMoov you can check out the site

For the exterior I’m still pretty far off from finishing, but finding a papercraft model of the Adjutant helped immensely to get all the measurements lined up with the InMoov model and slowly replace parts as I move forward.


Converting pepakura files into something I can use in Sketchup was surprisingly easy. There are a lot of converter tools for any extention you can download for free online.

Time to start modeling! I scaled the model to a similar size that of the InMoov model and started to place insides of InMoov on the back of the Adjutant model files that I cut up to be somewhat usable with 3D printing.

Here you can see the first parts of the face, some minor tweaking is still required to make everything a better fit like the chin part.

Currently development is slow but I hope to update this blog series more when I’m further into development.

Feel free to ask me any questions or leave comments on this project.