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Pay To Stop Playing

The great F2P movement on the supposedly ever growing world of mobile gaming can’t seem to stop. Yet big developers are doing everything they can to slowly destroy it and make players lose interest. True F2P on mobile is nearly non existing in my eyes, games that run so slow you either have to pay or wait for days are for me personally not interesting. I understand that many people praise the model, say that it’s a perfect small blip in their days they click a few buildings in their games or solve a single candy level on their commute, nothing wrong with this. But the game dies the moment you need to wait 30 commute rides to finally press the next button or have enough points to play again.

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Evolving NPC’s

Making an ever evolving multiplayer world is the latest struggle I’m working on, making a system that makes for interesting interactions between the player and game. The goal is to end up with a simplistic way of easily adding new behavior to a character as well as have several linked characters behaving differently to each other.

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Role Playing Games

Games that sort of starting to bore me as of lately, mainly thanks to the big number of items and little gimmicky things you need to learn in them. The step to take in order to play them and enjoy them is getting higher and higher for me. And even yet when finally in the game sometimes it’s disappointing to me when I feel limited or I need to grind my bottoms off just to be able to try out a new weapon or power.

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Expression through Game

For years I have been playing story based games, fought my way trough endless lines of story and slayed more enemy’s then I care to remember. When I finished a game I was always left with an emptiness, a hole that could not be filled after a game came to an end. Even after trying games with endless story like World of Warcraft I was left with a boredom and empty feeling of the world around me. It seemed nothing could feed this hole inside me…

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Gaming in 2020

Some months ago I made a little document on how gaming would look like in 2020, this was for a contest to win a full access ticket for the GDC. I didn’t win anything nor got mentioned but that’s fine. The funny thing is that I’ve been aiming a lot on brain technology and just recently I got in contact with a person who is working with a team on how the brain works so who knows I will be realizing my own future vision one day.