Category: Game Development

Game Development Cuisine

Game development is often compared to cooking and in many ways it’s exactly the same. Ingredients are added to make different type of gameplay experiences just as you would add ingredients to create a certain type of dish. From the dish it’s category of food to the complexity of it’s flavors.

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Plufby World Evolution

A lot has changed! Nearly all element that made up Plufby world have been altered to make place for a new idea on emotions in games. This is not done trough conversations and multiple choice answers, but rather trough gameplay itself.

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Plufby World

What is this crazy name that keeps popping up all around the place? Well it’s my own little project to make a new kind of game of course. It all started when going up the big bad hill and starting to have crazy idea’s of how cool the world would be when you had games with a deep interaction of the world around you.

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