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Whale players

The few players that pay to not play are making games the top games, superfans is a new word I recently heard given to whales as whales is a term that’s no longer deemed nice to have as these are people who are not liked in a games ecosystem by others.

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My thoughts on AI

After Google got it’s hands on DeepMind, internet has been going wild with articles regarding AI. From should they be allowed to vote to are they human has passed my feeds.

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The Overload Of Information

We are on a daily basis given an insane amount of new information via Internet, most if not nearly all is filtered out subconsciously not to be seen again.

Instant internet access has allowed us to become less dependent on our brains to store the information we require. We can simply search for it online to quickly use this at the moment we need it.

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Innovation is like high school sex, everyone is talking about it, everyone thinks everyone else is doing it so everyone claims they do it.

When asking people “what is innovation” nobody knows. They all say it’s a broad word or it’s doing something new.

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The problem with no RSS

Unlike most people I enjoy RSS, reading a list of sites I want to follow and see how many new articles there are a day. Google Reader has been gone for some time now and I’m currently using Digg Reader to easily get trough the daily news.

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