For years I have been playing story based games, fought my way trough endless lines of story and slayed more enemy’s then I care to remember. When I finished a game I was always left with an emptiness, a hole that could not be filled after a game came to an end. Even after trying games with endless story like World of Warcraft I was left with a boredom and empty feeling of the world around me. It seemed nothing could feed this hole inside me…

After years of searching and looking around for a solution, I think I might have something figured out. Why not turn it around? I have always played trough other people’s there story’s (and enjoyed this very much) while it’s just as good possible to make my own story’s and let others play trough them as I play trough there’s. It seems expression is a highly rated human need, why not give this need to people who love to play and make games in a simple and fun way?

For the last six months I have been spending spare time on figuring out a system that’s super simple to use and can cover all the bases I set for it at the same time. Together with a two man team consisting of me and “Elie Jamaa” we are gathering inspiration and look at possibility’s to make this happen.

So far I won’t go in deep on the blueprint we have right now but I will share a really cool game by Jason Rohrer that has similar idea’s and can really work: Sleep is Death.