Game development is often compared to cooking and in many ways it’s exactly the same. Ingredients are added to make different type of gameplay experiences just as you would add ingredients to create a certain type of dish. From the dish it’s category of food to the complexity of it’s flavors.

Why is this useful in a game development sense you might ask? It’s important due to food having a much shorter development time compared to games, but still teaches one the importance of quality in a simple way. If you look at a dish that is technically prepared perfectly, but it’s ingredients or gameplay are of low quality, it won’t taste as good as it initially looks.

The game development scene has a rather set number of core gameplay elements, that in a way make up the main ingredients. How one prepares these ingredients through several techniques is what makes the gameplay unique or enjoyable. You would generally not freeze a steak before serving nor grill ice cream till it’s medium rare.

Most importantly are foods that make us constantly come back for more. Iconic dishes that will never go out of style. We have games that are our iconic dishes, for example RPG’s or Shooters, with large numbers of classics that are still played after many years and constantly get prepared with slight improvements.

However once developers start to get to the limits of preparation techniques they often overlook that it might not be a good idea to boil a pizza in order to be more unique. I’m not saying experimentation is bad, but make sure it’s what people will be able to digest first.

I think it’s good to compare these two forms of preparation from time to maybe get a better understanding of the bigger picture and how everything will fit together in a uniform way.
This was a quick blog after watching too much masterchef AU and thinking about development during.

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