The great F2P movement on the supposedly ever growing world of mobile gaming can’t seem to stop. Yet big developers are doing everything they can to slowly destroy it and make players lose interest. True F2P on mobile is nearly non existing in my eyes, games that run so slow you either have to pay or wait for days are for me personally not interesting. I understand that many people praise the model, say that it’s a perfect small blip in their days they click a few buildings in their games or solve a single candy level on their commute, nothing wrong with this. But the game dies the moment you need to wait 30 commute rides to finally press the next button or have enough points to play again.

“They will pay for it”, yes a super small tiny nearly non existing group does pay, why? No idea… Whales spend lot of money in CoC and CCS, but less and less in less popular titles, until the point developers make no money at all in most lesser known titles. With the trend and blogs I read that Paid for Games are dead many are forced, sometimes against their will, to use pay to play less models. At the same time for computer games we see pay to play more models, it’s not that you have to pay to play more, it’s that if you pay your perfect game experience becomes a more personal one, or might engage you more. It might even mean others benefit from the purchase you made and they will thank you that you did it.

Yes, helping others with in app purchases, something rather unknown in the mobile market, or far from directly noticeable. Plus it should be illegal to pay in order to win a game, rather it should become harder to win if anything. Or simple have no effect what so ever on gameplay itself. Developers that can make player play more will ultimately always win and earn the most money without having to spend a large % on marketing in order to even get players. Yes I’m looking at those few top titles, making millions also results in spending millions and vice versa.

I’m glad to help anyone who wants some ideas for trying this on mobile or give examples or great monetization in a few rare titles. We are still far from ideal mobile games.