A lot has changed! Nearly all element that made up Plufby world have been altered to make place for a new idea on emotions in games. This is not done trough conversations and multiple choice answers, but rather trough gameplay itself.

Below you will find a short video showing to process of designing a new set of characters that start out with no emotion but have the potential to change trough a large scale of choices you make during playing the game. The emotional chart has been tuned down a lot to make it more easy to grasp.  The four remaining emotions are Rage, Happiness, Grief and, Terror.

As seen in the concepts this game will focus on sword play, not samurai techniques but western sword fighting. Together with three times world champion sword fighter Mishael Lopes Cardozo (Dutch) and his team I am looking for ways to add historical correct techniques to this game. This is something never seen before in games nor movies and has a lot of potential.

More news about this project will follow, and yes, new name idea’s are always welcome!
Artist: Zoe Zong