What is this crazy name that keeps popping up all around the place? Well it’s my own little project to make a new kind of game of course. It all started when going up the big bad hill and starting to have crazy idea’s of how cool the world would be when you had games with a deep interaction of the world around you.

Over a year later I finally started to do something with this. And called it Plufby World pointing toward the artist that gave me the first bit of inspiration, Benjamin Plouffe. This happens a lot that I start a project starting with an artwork, just to clarify that.

Plufby World is a project to find out new ways of in-game interaction and getting that emotional feel toward NPC’s. And more importantly have a non linear story for the player to get sucked into.

You can find a little bit of info on the project here: http://www.moddb.com/games/plufby-world