Games that sort of starting to bore me as of lately, mainly thanks to the big number of items and little gimmicky things you need to learn in them. The step to take in order to play them and enjoy them is getting higher and higher for me. And even yet when finally in the game sometimes it’s disappointing to me when I feel limited or I need to grind my bottoms off just to be able to try out a new weapon or power.

It feels like work and games is one thing many people use to get away from just that. Luckily times are changing and many non RPG games are taking the good parts of them to integrate with there own, mostly leaving out the grinding or masking it sufficiently to not be noticed. Games like Team Fortress 2 are starting to take this to a next level adding more and more weapons, hats and medals even. Not giving a big advantage over others but rather offering a new balanced play style switching around numbers on how long you can stay invisible for example.

Why isn’t this introduced in RPG’s, new weapons that let the player fight on different ways instead of just adding more damage or a bit of frost damage. And no I never used to put on fire spell absorbing armor to walk trough a fire invested cave or anything. Why isn’t it cool to have the option to switch yourself from tank to archer for a day just to taste how it feels. You would want people to be able to use all the options you put into the game to it’s fullest, rewarding those who switch play styles.

And yes I think we should be able to combine classes in RPG’s to get something a bit more like Battle Realms. Just for funzies :)