We are on a daily basis given an insane amount of new information via Internet, most if not nearly all is filtered out subconsciously not to be seen again.

Instant internet access has allowed us to become less dependent on our brains to store the information we require. We can simply search for it online to quickly use this at the moment we need it.

Still we are far away from information serving us properly, it has to be smart, know when we need it and offer it to us in the exact moment we need it. Reading our minds or having the same information matching algorithms we would have so it would have the information waiting to be seen the second you think about an issue.

This is the final form of the internet, advancing where our minds can not for now. An internet of things, knowing what temperature and time it has to set the oven depending on the product you place in it, preparing coffee in a specific way, notifying you of an important email you had and didn’t take action on. Basically as happens in the movie Her with the AI OS. (watch it if you haven’t)

Yet the dangers we are in now is the disconnect we have with the world itself, the immersiveness of many devices goes too far and doesn’t offer any significant benefits. You can compare it to newspapers, but I’m fairly sure you didn’t lose social contact with someone the entire evening in a bar because suddenly a newspaper article was far more important.

Our senses are being obstructed with technologie, creating that world of escape to the digital realm possible wherever we go. Making it hard in some ways to get back that human interaction with strangers. Still this same technology can help us improve it.

We need to have the tech work for us instead of us working for it, there is so much that can be done for us, yet we opt to make our users get emerged fully into it, doing tasks that could easily be automated and done better this way. We have the data to do so, we just need the ideology to use this data the correct ways.

Google is already heading towards this better world, even if most will object that they don’t want an algorithm looking through their data they will eventually start to see the benefits it brings. Ultimately we will not need smartphones, gadgets like glass or smart watches, the internet will become part of us, we will interact when needed and enjoy life in a more pure less information overloaded way.

Advertising will be filtered out of our world, we will instead get valuable product information when we need, tailored to our needs and desires or even financial situation. And every product will have a place in the grid where it generates data that is made useful for when it is needed.