Unlike most people I enjoy RSS, reading a list of sites I want to follow and see how many new articles there are a day. Google Reader has been gone for some time now and I’m currently using Digg Reader to easily get trough the daily news.

RSS is my opinion is something great, it only shows what you find interesting, isn’t depending on what friends you have or what their interests are. But over time we moved back in time, making it harder and harder to get the information we want and resulting back to having to visit a lot of sites or browse pages to find interesting news. Social networks are much easier to monetize compared to a Reader apparently so that’s where the focus is.

RSS has so many benefits to Social networks for example unsubscribing to an RSS feed is much easier than blocking a friend who only posts cat pictures and wants you to like them. Any social network that solves these problems can grow big, show me what I want to see and indicate how much there is to see, I don’t want to have the same article pop up randomly over and over just because a friend posted it again a few months later or have the network only show you what is popular.

With the amount of data Digg Reader could have collected from me that would know exactly what sites I like by simply looking at my subscriptions and of those sites know the exact articles, keywords and subjects I respond to the most. It can put in advertisement that is highly targeted for me that I will use, like a new type of 3D printing material or some gadget. Yet this isn’t happening, instead people want to have highly random article that their friends share with them and half of the times won’t even show in your news feed.

This is mostly just a small rant on social networks and my preference on consuming articles online. But also an idea to anyone working on social networks to hopefully inspire you.